Camino de Assisi  |  The Way of St. Francis

A trek from Florence to Assisi then from Assisi to Rome.


Six weeks  |  500 miles

Twenty years ago, a friend of mine, Dyan Cannon, a mighty woman of God, brought me to the Dream Center. I’ve attended the Dream Center ever since. I’ve been blessed to be their lawyer and friend and to see my own life transformed by the mission of the Dream Center. From day one I’ve witnessed Pastors Tommy and Matthew Barnett respond to God’s calling and build this most amazing church, charitable outreach, and ministry that now stretches across America and in many countries overseas. The bottom line is simple; the Dream Center transforms lives, transforms souls, and brings people to God.

My Mission Statement is simple. I have trekked two Camino de Santiagos for “me.” I want to do a third Camino, The Camino de Assisi, as a fundraiser for the Dream Center. I want to raise money for the Dream Center with every step I take, with only a backpack and all on foot, along an approximate five hundred mile trek across Italy from Florence to Assisi and from Assisi to Rome. I have asked many of the people in the Dream Center programs to write down their dream so I can pray for it every step of the way on the trek. If this trek is like the Camino de Santiago, it will be long and grueling at times, but it will also be a blessing because like the Camino de Santiago, I expect this path, this Camino, to be blessed by God.

Please consider making a donation straight to the Dream Center. Every penny goes straight to their work. There is no overhead for this fundraiser, no expenses. That’s all covered.

Thank you so much, and please email me any dream you have, so that I can add it to my list to pray about . . . every step of The Way!

Tom Gehring

I’m a veteran trial lawyer. Yes, I’ve been successful, but more than a fancy- filled biography and resume, what’s important to me is that I answered a call when I was twelve years old, yes, twelve years old, to be a trial lawyer. Later I found out that call was from God. It all made sense after I was born again in November 1984. Since that time I’ve done it all, as best I can, with all the ups and downs we all go through, for God. I’ve now been a lawyer for thirty-nine years. Wow! Amazing. I’m still standing, helping out great churches, universities, hospital systems, great clients, and those that God calls me to help. It’s not always easy, but at least I know Who to serve.

This Camino de Assisi was ordered up by God. It’s just another phase of my journey. I’ve been blessed.


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