Changed Lives

Camille Brown

Watch as Camille faces the excruciating pain of her past and finds forgiveness through the understanding of God’s unconditional love and grace.

Monek Lima

For her whole life, Monek was left to fend for herself, which forced her to go to extreme measures to take care of herself and her family. Listen in as Monek shares how she is establishing her foundation in Christ and learning to trust God to provide for her family.

Martin Mendoza

Abused in foster care and looking to addiction to fill the void, Martin’s life was out of control – but check out how God transforms him as he learns to fill that void with the love of Christ.

Pavel Melnichuk

Living a violent gang lifestyle, Pavel was lost in substance abuse, brutality, and anger. Now, hear Pavel recount his story from a place of peace, grateful to God for His unconditional love and the opportunity to help people through his position as an EMT.

Jarrett Gautreau
Ryan Hall

See how Ryan, Olympic marathoner, and Jarrett, personal trainer, overcome failure and find their God-given calling by wholeheartedly putting their faith in God and persevering through the hard times.


As an adopted child, Natasha never felt like she belonged, which led her to look for affection and acceptance in dangerous relationships. Watch to see how Natasha learns about forgiveness and the restoring love of God.

Xochitl Jauregui

On the brink of divorce and trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction, Xochitl just couldn’t seem to pull herself out of her self-destructive lifestyle. Now, see how Xochitl has found freedom at the Dream Center, transforming into the wife, mother, and woman of God she was destined to be.

Joshua St. Cyr

Under the influence of prescription drugs, Josh developed a false sense of confidence and quickly became dependent on pills to get through each day. Find out how God used the Dream Center to completely transform Josh’s life, instilling Godly confidence and purpose.

Danielle Udart

As a teenager, Danielle listened as her mother murdered her step-father in the family home. Traumatized by the event and ostracized by her small town, Danielle was alone, with nowhere to turn. Watch as Danielle shares how she found forgiveness, freedom, and a loving family at the Dream Center.

Curtis VanFossan

After the loss of his loving grandmother, Curtis was hurt and angry with God, and he turned to drugs to fill the void. Find out how Curtis found healing and wholeness in the body of Christ and a passion to bring love and stability to other hurting children.

Chase Garcia

Consumed by a severe alcohol and drug addiction, Chase’s life was in a constant state of turmoil. He couldn’t hold a job, pay rent, or maintain healthy relationships. But find out how all of that changed when he gave his heart to Jesus and committed himself to the process of restoration at the Dream Center.

Jessica Van Surksum
Pavel Melnichuk

Jessica and Pavel both surrounded themselves with the wrong community. Their bad influence led them both down a path of addiction that would be hard to break. Tune in to hear them share their stories from a place of acceptance and freedom.

Jamie Fassbender

Caught in the middle of his parents divorce, Jamie searched the world for acceptance and love. He looked to people for approval and drugs to numb the pain. Watch as we share how Jamie’s story changed when he discovered God’s love and the truth of His word.

Kelly Jaynes

Alcohol, drugs, and men were what Kelly turned to when her relationship with her mom fell apart. Broken, abused, and still searching for love, she found herself at the Dream Center. Join us to see how Kelly found hope and life change through Jesus.

Tyler Duff

Tyler lost his identity in selling weed and making money. Hatred towards himself filled his heart and his struggles held him from becoming all he could be. Tune in to hear how Tyler overcame his past and found peace through Jesus.

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