Celebration kicks off Thursday, September 26th @ 7pm








Midweek Service

Thursday, Sept. 26th 2019

This unique Angelus Temple midweek service will celebrate historical moments and the beautiful journey of this ministry’s vision for the past 25 years. Highlights of the night include messages, memories, and support from notable pastors, speakers and Christian leaders around the world.

night of dreams

saturday, Sept. 28th 2019

This festive evening of laughter, inspiration, and entertainment will commemorate the transformational impact within our surrounding communities and individuals at the Los Angeles Dream Center. Join fellow community leaders, corporations, celebrities and more as we celebrate the past 25 years!

sunday Service

Sunday, Sept. 29th 2019

This special Sunday service and grand finale of the weekend’s anniversary celebration will culminate with celebrating milestones and individuals like staff, volunteers, and local supporters of the Dream Center and Angelus Temple who have influenced and led the success of the mission.

For more information, contact
Danise Jurado: (213) 273-7070  |  djurado@dreamcenter.org

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