Founded in 1994, The Dream Center is a volunteer driven organization that finds and fills the needs of over 80,000 individuals and families each month.

At the heart of The Dream Center is our desire to rescue those who have been enslaved by Hunger, Homelessness, Poverty, Addiction, Human Trafficking, Community Outreach, and other life-controlling issues. We do this by providing hope, empowerment and the love of Christ both in word and deed. We seek to meet urgent physical and spiritual needs through our many outreach and residential programs.

The Dream Center is a hub of hunger relief work in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles is one of the neediest metropolitan areas in the United States. Approximately 957,000 adults here are classified as "food insecure" in this region. The real tragedy are the additional 640,000 children who also face the day not knowing if they will get enough to eat.
More than 51,000 men, women and children in Los Angeles County have no place to call home.

More and more, the face of homelessness includes families, seniors and veterans. Nationwide, as many as 1 in 4 homeless people once served our country in the military. And 1 in 45 children are homeless, the most ever in U.S. recorded history.
Life is precarious for people in poverty. The tiniest setback can be the tipping point to homelessness.

We work to give people access to medical care, clothing, financial counseling, job readiness training and other initiatives that help people stay in housing and keep their families together. In addition, our Foster Care Intervention program works to reunite families.

Our hope is to help take individuals and families from a state of poverty to self-sufficiency.
Dream Center Discipleship is an intensive one-year residential program designed to help adult men and women overcome life-controlling issues such as drug and alcohol addictions, abuse, depression, and anger.
Human Trafficking
The Dream Center's Human Trafficking Program is one of the largest residential programs dedicated to the rehabilitation of adult female victims of human trafficking. We have the capacity to capacity to house 20 women and assist them in becoming functional, successful members of society.

Our Human Trafficking program is split into four phases:
  • Rescue (72 hours)
  • Rebuild (30 days)
  • Restore (6 months)
  • Re-Enter (3-6 months)
In everything we do, we work to follow God's call to care for the poor. By being open to His leading, many innovative outreaches have evolved that are touching thousands of lives. We have a vision for a restored city, made up of countless lives impacted by the grace of Christ.

Through programs such as Adopt-a-Block, Lord's Gym, Kidz Jam, and the DC Cafe we work to meet the unique needs of our community.
The Dream Center's flagship outreach ministry, Adopt-a-Block, serves 17 sites covering over 85 blocks each week in communities like Skid Row and South Central Los Angeles. Teams of volunteers visit door to door, deliver small household items, organize games for the children, and visit with the elderly each week.

We are helping 30% more people this year. So many others still need food, shelter and other critical services. Your gift can be the start of a NEW LIFE. Please help. We can't do it without you!

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